Users may need to delete tweets or messages on Twitter, now called X. When these tweets are deleted, they disappear from the timeline, making it impossible for you to revert to them after a while. In most cases, these tweets will no longer be needed, but there is a rare chance that a user deletes an important tweet in error. When this happens, it becomes important to try to get it back.

view deleted Twitter tweetsIn this guide, we walk you through retrieving deleted tweets on X; we show you the most practical tools you may need. Let’s get to it.

How Do I Recover Deleted X Tweets (Twitter)

1. Recover Deleted X Tweets Using Unseen Messenger

To recover deleted tweets, there are a few third-party apps you may employ. The Unseen Messenger app comes highly recommended. However, you should note that this method will work only for Android phones and tweets that have shown up as notifications on your phone.

Below are the steps to take.

  1. Open the Google Store app on your phone, type in Unseen Messenger in the search bar, and click the Install button for the app.
    Begining the unseen messenger installation process
  2. After installation, click the Open button.
    Opening installed app
  3. Click the checkbox to accept terms, then click Continue.
    Accept unseen messenger terms
  4. Click on the Enable Permission button.
    Enable unseen messenger permissions
  5. Enable the toggle beside Unseen Messenger.
    Toogle on permissions
  6. Click Allow to grant the app permission to read your incoming notifications.
    Allowing unseen messenger settings
  7. Click Continue.
    Continuing setup for unseen messenger
  8. Click the Enable Permission button to grant storage permission. This is optional.
    Unseen messenger storage permissions
  9. To complete your Unseen Messenger set-up, click Continue.
    Completing the installation
  10. Launch Unseen Messenger, and click on the X message that was deleted.
    Opening deleted messages

2. View Deleted Tweets using the

The Wayback Machine, now known as, is an X archive that holds snapshots of tweets and may contain some tweets that have even been deleted. The downside to using this method to view deleted tweets is that it may contain only some tweets for specific users. You may use it by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Copy the URL of the profile with deleted tweets and paste it into the search box on, then click Browse History.
    Searching Archives
  3. Select or click on a date range.
    Archive date
  4. You may now scroll through the available tweets for the deleted information.

3. Find Deleted Tweets Using Google Cache

This is our least favorite solution; however, in some cases, it is effective. Google may automatically save data that users have deleted. This data is saved in a cache or a temporary storage location. If the cache is not purged, you may use it to locate deleted tweets. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Google Search page.
  2. Type the user name of the tweet, include a few words from the deleted tweet if you remember any, and hit Enter.
  3. Alternatively, type the user name and “Twitter,” then hit Enter.
    Google search
  4. Now, scroll through all search results to find the deleted tweet.

4. View Deleted X Archive From Your Account

While most of the other solutions discussed in this guide will help you get deleted tweets of other tweeps, you may find a comprehensive list of your tweets, including those deleted from your X archive. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your X account.
  2. Click the More option.
    Twitter more button
  3. Expand Settings and Support, then click Settings and Privacy.
    X Settings and privacy
  4. Click on ‘Download an archive of your data
    Data archive download
  5. Input your password, then click the Request archive button.
    Requesting archive

Final Thoughts

That is as much as we cover in this guide. With the solutions we have explored, you can recover your deleted tweets.

While using the native archive request option is very effective, we found that third-party apps like Unseen Messenger are surprisingly effective, practical solutions.